Keep your focus on freshness, not fixtures.

Keep your focus on freshness, not fixtures.

Keep your focus on freshness, not fixtures.

Keep your focus on freshness, not fixtures.

Grocery Store Design and Fixturing

Matrix Complete Retail provides the design, fixturing, and signage to create a functional grocery store.

Your job as a grocer is to serve your customers with the most nutritious, delicious and fresh food there is to offer. You should not be worrying about your fixtures. With Matrix, you can be confident that your store is well designed and up to the job.

Matrix Retail Services

Matrix has expertise at every step towards outfitting a functional grocery store. 


Designing store fixturing custom to your needs

Store Layout

Finding the optimal store layout for you and your customers

Project Management

Keep projects on time and budget


Production of wood, metal, plastic, and print


Delivering to your store or distribution center on time


On-site installation of fixtures and signage

Matrix Retail Products

The fixtures and signage for your grocery store.

Islands, Endcaps & Sidewinders

The foundation of grocery merchandising, island gondolas systems, provides a flexible platform for product presentation and sales. Endcaps and sidewinders are prime locations to spotlight products to increase their sell-through.

Checkouts & Impulse Displays

Matrix provides custom wood and metal checkouts, both with and without conveyors. We also design and product impulse displays to serve customers in the valuable final minutes of their shopping experience. The last step of anyone’s retail visit should be convenient and efficient, and sell customers on a final few products.

Graphics & Wayfinding

Grocery store graphics distinguish individual departments and guide shoppers to their purchases. In-store graphics should complement the retail displays and fixtures, creating a pleasant environment for shoppers. The design and style of aisle signs, wall graphics, and department signs all give a grocery store it’s character.

Let’s start your project together

Call us, email us, or schedule a visit. We can talk about making your grocery store functional.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions about the design and fixturing of grocery stores.

Does your shelving system work with my existing Lozier shelves?

Yes. We have a system of shelves that can work interchangeably with the Lozier line of racks. These systems have the same brackets, uprights, and look to the base deck as Lozier. We also offer more modern solutions for new stores.

Does your shelving system work with my existing Madix shelves?

Yes. We can provide a shelving system that works interchangeably with your existing Madix fixtures. We also offer newer and better designs for net new stores.

What colors and finishes are your shelving available in?

We can powder coat the shelving systems in any colour. We offer the shelves in white, grey, and cream at no extra cost. We have over one hundred alternative powder coat colors. We can do a custom color if nothing is quite right but would require a minimum order quantity.

Can you match the wood grain of my existing wood fixtures?

Yes. New millwork fixtures can be finished in any wood grain, colour, or laminate finish. We can match the finish with a sample of your existing fixtures

Can you do you provide cold storage (bunkers, freezers, etc.)?

No. We do not offer refrigerators, freezers, bunkers, or any form of cold storage. Cold storage specialists can meet your needs and serve you better than we can. Our team of store planners and designers can spec out solutions that you can use to order from your refrigerator provider of choice.

Can you help with the shelving in my stock room?

Yes. We offer fixtures that are designed and constructed for stock rooms and cold storage.

What is the minimum width of a grocery store aisle?

The minimum width of an aisle is 42″, but we recommend an aisle width far broader than that.

What sections are in most grocery stores?

The typical grocery store has these sections:

  • Produce
  • Meats and Deli
  • Dairy and Egg
  • Bread and Bakery
  • Frozen Foods
  • Paper and Cleaning
  • Pasta
  • Baking Needs
  • Canned Foods
  • Beverages
  • Snacks
  • Better For You / Organic
  • Home Meal Replacement
  • Personal Care, Remedies, and Supplements
  • Customer Service
  • Checkout
Is the Canadian grocery shopper significantly different than a US grocery shopper?

Yes. Being Canadian is more than just ending sentences in “eh?” The Canadian shopper has a different communication style, expectations, and values. US retailers who do not respect the difference in the market struggle to become profitable, such as Target Canada which was forced to abandon their effort to expand north of the border.

Canadian shoppers value products made in Canada. We prefer the in-store experience to online stores. We value quality and customer experience, where US shoppers value price and freshness more. Canadian shoppers compare retailers and shop around more than our US counterparts.