One of the challenges of brick-and-mortar retailers is their lack of data regarding what their customers are up to. E-commerce retailers know what products customers viewed, which ones they bought, and which ones made the sale. All the same behaviour happens in physical stores, but it is so much harder to observe and codify.

Enter Brain of the Store. This is a startup that hopes to close that gap, and give brick-and-mortar retailers the data they need to make insights and merchandising decisions.

Brain of the Store seeks to use machine learning and AI technologies to convert security cameras into data collection devices. Retailers will be able to observe the aggregate movements of their customers and staff. This data will neatly integrate into stores’ existing POS systems.

Brain of the Store is part of the Innovation Lab at the NRF 2020: Retails Big Show.

Matrix Complete Retail is looking at Brain of the Store with great anticipation.